Lusitano Horse in chiaroscuro light

Champion of Champions, Lusitano Stallion Gaston do Drosa, from Brazil

Image of Handmade Walnut case for book.

The fine press edition, Cavalo Lusitano: The Spirit Within in custom walnut case









I am delighted to tell you that a number of my platinum/palladium and color photographs of the glorious Lusitano horse will be shown at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, Massachusetts, beginning January 6. There is an opening reception on January 13 that I hope to attend. In addition to the large format color photographs, prints from my fine press edition, Cavalo Lusitano: The Spirit Within, are being shown in the Founders Gallery. The book will be available for supervised viewing.

My sincere gratitude to Paula Tognarelli, esteemed Director of The Griffin, and to Crista Dix, newly minted Director, for all their hard work to make this exhibition happen. It’s a cherished dream come true.

Lusitano Horse image in chiaroscuro light.

Voyeur in California on a very cold morning.

Image of title page of handmade book showing end leaves of book.

Title page with handmade end leaves

Image illustrating hand sewing in bookbinding.

Hand-sewn tab binding with images tipped in, signed and editioned on the back.

And, more ‘icing on the cake’….

My photo book project Soft Eyes/ Open Heart, was selected for the Photobook of the Year Competition. Held annually by the Davis Orton Gallery and Griffin Museum of Photography in collaboration, it is a high-water mark for self-published photography books. The opening reception for that show (in the Atelier Gallery at the Griffin) will also be on January 13. So come to Boston! Here are just a few of the TEN BOOKS in the series:

Soft Eyes/Open Heart collection of titles

The first ten books of Soft Eyes/ Open Heart. Each in accordion style, in a custom slipcase.

Image of Book and sleeve

Westward, Look; ten original prints that tell the story of my move to the Pacific Northwest.

Landscape Impressions

Flowers I

Each book opens in accordion format, with extended captions on the reverse, speaking to the experience of making the image.

Landscape Impressions

Landscape Impressions is a collection of ten images devoted to how I felt in a given place and time; the impression of the natural world before me.


The formal announcement for Soft Eyes/Open Heart comes January 6. Stay tuned!

There are lots of updates on the website for upcoming classes and tours. I hope you will have a look:

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, and Creative 2022!