Our Motivation? Singular journeys, Transformative experiences

Keron Psillas

photo: Arthur Meyerson

Arthur Meyerson

photo: Keron Psillas Oliveira

Charlie Waite

photo: Keron Psillas Oliveira

“Keron is a gifted and talented artist and instructor who gives of herself generously and inspires her students to reach new heights.”

Lisa Bernhardt

Director, PNWAS

This year’s student comments:

Thank you for a great workshop. I learned so much and now I have the understanding and language to analyze my photos. It was my number 1 goal and it was excellent!


Whidbey Island

Her dialogue back and forth with students always has an amazing amount of content. Keron’s teaching style is quite remarkable – her knowledge goes far beyond photography and is beautifully integrated.


Seattle, WA

Keron is so exceptional that I would pay much more to attend her workshops!


Langley, WA

This was the best workshop and teaching experience I have ever had. Keron is compassionate, honest, highly skilled and inspiring!


Freeland, WA

She is the BEST in every way! A+++++


Seattle, WA

Keron is a warm, affirming human being and an excellent teacher who genuinely supports each student in creating their unique photographic vision. She is an inspiring photographer and author who brings to her students a great appreciation and knowledge of painting as well as photography. It was a great privilege and a very rewarding experience to get to know her as an instructor as well as a person.


Edmonds, WA

About Keron and Arthur as tour leaders:

Keron and Arthur…there is no way that a simple number reflects the fabulous time that I had in Prague and Istanbul. This tour has provided me with a lifetime of memories that will never be forgotten. I am grateful to both of you for providing such a multitude of varied experiences that allowed me to immerse myself into the cultures of both venues. I am especially appreciative of the historical and political perspectives that our guides shared during the tour of individual venues.   My heartfelt thanks to you, both.

Gretchen Taylor

Seattle, WA

Fabulous trip. Perfect blend of activity and down time. Leaders worked so well together. The attention to guests was really remarkable. Did I say thanks? THANK YOU!

Susan Cooley


Visiting and photographing Portugal with Aurthor and Keron provided a mix of photography, history, food, and fun. Aurthor’s wit and Keron’s graciousness set the tone for the whole group and they were always there for additional information or inspiration. It was a perfect trip and I left with new knowledge, new memories, new photographs, and new friends.

Nancy Lehrer

Los Angeles, CA

Keron is a super trip-meister!

Larry Jasper


…wonderful trip, very well organized. Fabulous accommodations. You are a superb team!

Gaye Leggat

Vancouver, BC

Thank you for a wonderful adventure! Keron, you are a fantastic leader with total command. Gold Star! Arthur, such great perspective! A photographer’s photographer. You helped everyone in the group…were tireless and generous. Double Gold Star. Love you both.

Portugal trip participant


About Keron and Charlie as tour leaders:

While there are dozens of photography tours to choose from, why pick Keron and Charlie? In my opinion, it’s an easy decision; I care as much about the company I keep as I do the sights I see and what I learn, so traveling with Keron and Charlie is my choice. They’re both always available as needed to help enhance my experience. Personal attention is never lacking.

Charlie is one of the foremost landscape photographers in the world and, combined with Keron’s diverse photographic experience and extraordinary teaching ability, I’ve always had a stellar experience. And, beyond their skills, it’s their passion and compassion that sets them apart. Put simply—they share themselves on every trip in an easy and meaningful way that enhances my entire experience. They are both simply delightful company and Keron’s mastery of history is just another added bonus!

Marsha Morgan

Langley, WA

 I had a week of inspired photography, learning, and great fun with Keron and Charlie in Scotland. 

Peggy Curtis

Mill Creek, WA

Experiencing Scotland with Keron and Charlie enabled a depth of seeing that would have otherwise been unattainable.  Add to that their sharing of years of experience and skilled, targeted teaching, and my photography truly rose to the next level. 

Jeri Goldstein

Phoenix, AZ

Inspirational and a creative outlet for the soul.  Traveling with Keron and Charlie is like traveling with an artistic universe in your pocket. Both Keron and Charlie are superb photographers but beyond that they still embody wonder and excitement about their art, the surroundings and you as a person. Wells of compassionate depth you leave them knowing your have improved your craft, been places, seen more and made friends for life. 

Marcie Lewis

Santa Rosa, CA

Traveling with Keron and Charlie is an incredible experience on many levels. Not only do they take you to lovely and unique places where you can photograph to your heart’s content, but they give fully from their heart to yours–through their time, through their extensive and exquisite photographic experience and knowledge, and through their caring spirits!

Marcia Wesley

Whidbey Island, WA

 My photography trip with Keron Psillas and Charlie Waite to Scotland was a dream come true! They carefully tended to every detail making sure everyone had individual photographic help so we could expand our personal goals. Their styles were caring, organized and very cordial making it such a pleasure to be with them and they set a great tone for the group. The trip was carefully planned with interesting stops to unique places and they were always focused on making sure everyone in the group was engaged. It was such a joy to spend time with these two amazing photographers exploring a fascinating part of our world.

Julie Boyd

Lynnwood, WA

More about Keron as an instructor:

Best thing about the instructor? Her great depth of knowledge and wonderful open teaching style.



While many people can articulate what they like or dislike about an image, you are able to give specifics that are attainable. Your critique consistently demonstrates your sophisticated aesthetic. Your willingness to share your technical skill as well was greatly appreciated. When you do share technique, you do it in a way that is sequential and easily understood. Thank you for your perspective and skill this week!

Tacey J.

Coupeville, WA

I have been to work shops in the past. It seems to me that it was model, shoot, model shoot, with not much else in between. Keron’s workshop is completely different. You go in with expectations of great horses and time to shoot. You leave feeling like part of an extended family. There are models but more, much more than that, there is talk of art, seeing the light, and you end up with an appreciation of time. The workshop flows from morning shooting to uploads and edits, talk of fine photographers and a nice lunch. Then back to the shoot and then edit and conversation and then back to shoot. Time flows with each bit filled with information and lovely images. Keron not only draws on her own knowledge but the knowledge of every experience she has had and shares it all. I personally met some really nice people, shot some fabulous horses and models in a lovely location but more importantly, with the knowledge I gained both in conversation and after care (not just follow-up but CARE) I learned so much. It fundamentally changed my photography and what I learned in Keron’s workshop is still evolving. Keron is a gifted photographer and an excellent teacher, I would encourage photographers at any experience level to take one of her workshops.

Marcie Lewis

Santa Rosa, CA

Keron has taken my photography skills to a new level of expertise.  She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly dedicated to assisting her students in accomplishing their photography goals.  I have seldom found such an inspiring teacher.

Marie Plakos

Whidbey Island, WA

Keron Psillas, who assisted Arthur Meyerson, is superb. Great photographer, generous with all her broad knowledge, and commented astutely about participants images. Take a workshop with her!


PNWAS, 2012