CAVALO LUSITANO: The Spirit Within – Fine Press Edition


◆ A handcrafted limited edition fine press book featuring the noble Lusitano horse
◆ Artwork by equine photographic artist Keron Psillas Oliveira
◆ Fifteen original platinum/palladium prints and one photogravure tipped in
◆ Three original gum over platinum/palladium prints in loose folio
◆ Texts on the character of the individual horse and breed paired with each print
◆ Housed in a custom solid walnut drop-spine case
◆ 100% letterpress printing and custom binding
◆ Handcrafted by Marquand Editions for Veritas Editions
◆ Limited to an edition of twenty-five numbered copies and fourteen lettered copies

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DRAMATIC LIGHT and calm moments, spirited movement and sculptural poses, intimate portraits and exploding energy — Keron’s work in Cavalo Lusitano shows us all sides of this marvelous animal.

She has said “I am interested in the full expression of the soul of each of the horses I photograph. For me, a photograph is not successful otherwise.” Patience, a heart-felt connection to the heritage of the Lusitano, and a desire to illuminate the eternal have all combined to create a portfolio of work that exudes the passion she has for these horses. Photographing on three continents over a period of eleven years, Keron offers some of her most compelling images to reveal the spirit within the Lusitano.

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Keron Psillas Oliviera’s sublime prints are matched only by the extraordinarily well-bred Lusitano horses she photographs. A lifelong equestrian with deep knowledge of the breed, Oliviera, who lives in Portugal, seeks to reveal the spirit of each animal. Her exquisitely crafted photographs are elevated by precisely rendered details presented in both platinum/palladium and muted color prints that boast a breathtaking, elongated mid-tone range.  
~ Suzanne Révy