LUSITANO: noble, courageous, eternal.

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96 pages, softbound



“An enormous thank you to my friend, Keron Psillas Oliveira! She has captured another dimension of the Lusitano through her lens, seeing with the soul. Keon has shown the pure joy in movement that the Lusitano offers to us, as they move our consciousness forever.”
— Dominique Barbier, French Classical Dressage Master, acclaimed author of Dressage for the New Age and The Alchemy of Lightness

“International photographer, author, and horsewoman, Keron Psillas Oliveira has a new book and, wow, it is a stunning tour de force! I’m not exaggerating. Her photographs of the Lusitano horse are dazzlingly rich with texture and light I’ve not seen before. What a treat it is to see the breed through her travels and let the photographs wash over you. This book is a must-have for horse lovers everywhere.”
— Patty Lasko, former editor, Dressage Today

4 reviews for LUSITANO: noble, courageous, eternal.

  1. Steven Forrest, Borrego Springs, CA

    I can sit on a horse, which is not the same as being a horseman. Reading this book really made me want to do a lot more of it, especially if I could it on one of these magnificent Lusitanos. Oliveira is a masterful photographer, and not just of horses. I follow her work broadly — her haunting photo essay about the Nazi death camps, for example, elevated her to equal status in my mind with the great photographers of any era. That work is what drew me to acquire “Lusitano.” It exceeded my expectations in every way, and just might get me “back in the saddle” one of these days!

    • Keron

      Thank you thank you Steven! Come to Portugal…I’ll put you on a wonderful series of Lusitanos!

  2. Julie Boyd, Lynnwood, WA

    Grace, elegance and a divine spirit soar from the photographs in Lusitano: Noble, Courageous, Eternal by the world renown photographer, Keron Psillas Oliveira. This elegant book is a masterpiece of exquisite beauty. The majesty of the Lusitano horse grabs at the heart and creates an emotional connection which causes one’s heart to fill with awe and admiration. The photos embody much more than just the essence of a beautiful animal. They are an engaging art form which delights and enriches one’s soul. The attention to colors, details and the tension of thunderous movements are spell binding. This is a book that awakens all of the senses and beckons a person back to enjoy it over and over again. Keron’s writing has a heart felt quality that is written with raw honesty, love and insight that resonants with the title “Noble, Courageous, Eternal”. The combination of beautiful writing and award winning photographs make this book a treasure for all time.

    • Keron

      Thank you for this kindness, Julie! You are too generous in your praise, but it is deeply appreciated! Love and hugs, Keron

  3. Bambi Prigel, Knoxville, MD

    A beautiful book – Keron’s photographs are breathtaking! I bought a copy for friends but now am ordering another copy for another lover of the Lusitano breed!

    • Keron

      Thank you thank you, Bambi!

  4. Mary Lee Dereske

    I received my book this past week. I knew there were excellent images in this book; but to my surprise every single image is exquisite. I have devoured this book repeatedly and each time I find something new in the nuance of light and balance. The horses seem to literally leap from the page. If you love artistry and horses, whether or not you know about the Lusitano, you deserve to give yourself this book.

    • Keron

      Thank you, Mary Lee! I am delighted you are enjoying the book. Many years, many miles, my heart and soul and connection to the Lusitano…that’s what I tried to put into the book. Your enjoyment means a great deal to me. Thank you thank you!!!

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