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Part II of Loss and Beauty has begun. A major reason why we need more awareness stems from articles like this – Anti-Semitism in Europe
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Loss and Beauty

Loss and Beauty (the book that accompanies the exhibition) was awarded BEST OF SHOW in the prestigious Davis Orton Gallery/Griffin Museum of Photography Photobook 2015! Thank you Karen Davis and Paula Tognarelli for this tremendous honor.

Loss and Beauty has also received the Honorable Mention Award from the 2019 International Photography Awards for Fine Art Book and Self-Published Book. This is humbling, gratifying, and deeply affirming.  

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Loss and Beauty continues to be exhibited in the US. In April and May of 2020, the show will be in Miami at the Alper JCC.

I have begun working on Part 2 of Loss and Beauty. Two trips to Poland and the Czech Republic have just concluded and I’m pleased with some of the imagery. My intent for Part 2 is to illustrate the events dubbed the Holocaust by Bullets. This term was created by Father Patrick DesBois a Catholic priest who has dedicated more than twelve years to discovering and recording sites of massacres that took place in Eastern Europe before the extermination centers came into being.

If you are interested in accompanying me, privately, during the next few years, please be in touch. I’ll be taking one or two guests on several of the trips. I always use guides and world-class scholars to help me achieve greater depth of understanding to inform my work. This means, for potential guests, an in-depth opportunity to create awareness and make more meaningful images of this horrific time in our collective history.

Here are just a few images that represent the project.


Loss and Beauty, Creation and Affirmation Loss and Beauty
Loss and Beauty, slideshow
Origin of Loss and Beauty, a conversation with Keron Psillas and Charlie Waite