Whidbey Island

My other home. If home is where the heart is, then mine is split in three. Portugal, Shepherdstown, and Whidbey Island. Oh, and Skye and Mull and Cotia, Brasil. So I am fragmented! But Whidbey Island and Coupeville have a particularly strong siren call. Perhaps because it is the place where so much learning and growth has happened in my photography and teaching. Equally, the friendships formed there through my teaching and mentoring sustain and inspire me every single day. Assisting and teaching with Sam Abell and Arthur Meyerson, beginning way back in 2007, has played a large part in forming my own photographic voice. And beginning in 2008, when I began teaching my own courses, that vision has been honed by deep introspection and the need to communicate to my students how I approach the creation of a meaningful, lasting image. The island is beautiful, magical at times, often a little shy….but a nurturing place for those who seek greater communion with their expressive self. Come to the island….be sure to see what the Pacific Northwest Art School has on offer….and turn off the busy-ness for a while.