Landscape Impressions

Eliot Porter, James E. Kline, Wolf Kahn, Paul Cezanne, Pierre Bonnard, Alfred Stieglitz, Andre Kertesz. These are just a few of the artists from whom I have gathered inspiration and aesthetic sensibility. I’m an admirer and a student.

I chose the title Landscape Impressions deliberately. When photographing, my intent is to reveal the impression felt, the sense of place. If the image is successful it will also have a concept that is easily identifiable, such as serenity, peace, foreboding, suffering, eternity, and intimacy among innumerable other descriptors.

Above all, it must be involving. Concept clearly realized layered with dimensionality, intention and refined craft will often yield an image that is involving. And yet, there is also the ineffable. That’s my favorite thing for an image…the indescribable. Elemental almost does it, but not quite. It’s more ephemeral. This search for understanding as well as creating imagery that stands up to this test keeps me engaged and seeking.