Often, during mentoring or workshops, I am asked “what should my project be?”. My first response is always the same: photograph something you love, it will shine through.

From the age of two I’ve been a horse-crazy girl. These images represent magazine work, commissions, photos for books, travel assignments, and some are images just for fun. But they all come from my deep love of the horse. A note about horse photography: at its base, the photograph must be a well-formed image. The background, lighting, any distracting elements, and finally, the all-important gesture, must be worked out and optimized. Good work in any field is all about the building blocks of photography.

I hope you will visit the Books and Prints page. You’ll see Cavalo Lusitano: The Spirit Within (a fine press edition of platinum palladium prints) and Lusitano; noble, courageous, eternal…in both the regular edition and a limited edition with a clamshell case and print.