Links and Resources

I am developing this page and it will likely take a different form as material is added.

For now, I’m attaching links to favorite articles, photographers, books, and videos. These are all things that have inspired me and humbled me. I believe strongly that retaining a sense of wonder and reverence for the artists and creators that have come before us is the best way to ensure our continued growth.

So in no particular order (for now….):

My esteemed colleague, Dr. Tomasz Cebulski:
Author of the original foreword for Loss and Beauty
Author, essay, (to come) A Song of Death and Dying

The Crit House: Featuring tremendous interviews with photographers (including me) about their five favorite images or influences. Thanks for this fabulous resource Jeff Larason!

The Candid Frame: My interview with Ibarionex resides in the Archive.

RFotoFolio: great resource for studying contemporary and emerging photography. Constance Rose and Jerry Rosenthal were among the first to champion Loss and Beauty (all thanks to Honey Lazar!)

Art Intersection Gallery, and Gallery 4, Gilbert, AZ. The first location where Loss and Beauty was shown. Tremendous resource for learning!