I have been drawn to the Southwest and its Native cultures since I was a young girl. In the early 2000’s. there were visits and then photographic explorations. Recently I returned to lead a private workshop out of Santa Fe. It reminded me how much I love this land and its ancient cultures.

Unknown-1Early in my photography career I worked with Art Wolfe. I have much to be indebted to Art for, but I want to bring out one special thing. Art and I resonated photographically because of our love for the Impressionist Painters. One of the images in this gallery is “Pointillist Trees”. From our many conversations over several years I grew more adept at seeing Impressionism in landscape. I am happy to connect the dots (see what I did there?) and move from all the Impressionists to the Fauvists, to Abstract Expressionism and beyond. All art informs us. We build our visual library, if we are smart, from all sources. 

My mother recognized my love for the Navajo and Hopi peoples when I was 10 years old. She gifted me a copy of Edward Curtis’ book with this image on the cover. I fulfilled a childhood dream by riding through Canyon de Chelly, though much changed, with several Navajo friends. Books are important. They can expand and shape our world, give us dreams and fill our minds and hearts with beauty.