There are a few spots left for 2021. Jump in now to make the most of your photographic year! I’m busy helping students create incredible books, hone their portfolios, prepare for exhibitions and tours, and assist them in realizing each of their goals. I’d be delighted to help YOU!

Six month Mentorship, $2200

Full year Mentorship, $4000

Keron is a brilliant artist and poet. As a mentor, she thinks deeply and is generous with her emotional energy. I always feel special in her presence. ~Mary Turner, Seattle

I regard my mentorship with Keron as one of the best—probably the very best of all the things I’ve ever done to advance my photographic art. Keron reviewed my work and identified the what and how of seeing that she thought were most characteristic of me and most aesthetically worthy of development, and then we defined a forward path. With this focus I became a better artist and vastly more prolific. I see myself as a happy busy photographer on a satisfying mission: to become the best I can be. Thanks, Keron! ~ Peggy Curtis, Seattle

I have been working with Keron for six months now, and am continuing for another six months. My photography now has a clarity and intent that has been lacking in the past. ~Tom Hanify, Whidbey Island

I was looking for a person who had knowledge to teach photography well and who could challenge my work— I ask a lot of questions and am eager to learn as much as possible.  I also wanted someone who would steer me to make my photography stronger but not have it imitate that person’s style of photography.  Keron has been an excellent person to have as a mentor and a teacher.  ~ Patricia Moreland, Port Townsend

As a teacher and mentor, Keron always reminds her students to spend some time each day exploring some form of art. Especially if one isn’t in the field shooting, spending time with art inspires, teaches, and helps keep us moving forward in our own process of discovery. In addition, she walks the walk, and almost every day shares some wonderful work (via Facebook or email) that she has admired, demonstrating that her teaching never takes a break. Thank you Keron! ~Jeri Goldstein, Phoenix

Six-month and year-long mentorships are available now in limited numbers. We will meet every two to three weeks for an hour on Zoom to discuss your goals, develop strategies, critique imagery…anything you want! In a six-month time period we will talk at least 10 times, and for the year-long mentorship we will be together (via Zoom) at least 18 times. I have found that once every three weeks is a good way to keep momentum. Once a month is just not enough to maintain focus. Mentorships are payable in two installments. Contact me so that we can discuss your goals and create a schedule that rests easily with your time commitments.

One of the greatest pleasures I have as an instructor is to see the excitement and growth that transforms a student’s work. Week-long intensive workshops are an excellent way to create deeper understanding about our own vision. But I believe that six-month or year-long mentorships are even better. Whether you have an interest in developing, editing and publishing a book, developing a website, or you are simply seeking to be more fully expressive with your imagery, a mentorship can be an enormous help. The collaborative nature of our conversations along with the discipline of thinking about and looking at work on a regular basis will keep you engaged and growing.