Edge of Revelation

From Keron’s love of gardening and flowers, and through her lifelong engagement with the great masters of painting from Masaccio to Manet, Rembrandt to Redon, from Titian to Turner, comes this vibrant, deeply personal new work. 

Infusing her creations with light and shadow, as well as the floral form, Keron offers us a portal into another realm. Cosmic, lush, transporting, transcendent; all these adjectives have been used to describe this new body of work. 

These original works are available in sizes exceeding six feet, as archival prints on handmade papers and as white gold and silver leaf backed prints, hand embellished, on richly coated artist boards. 

All are strictly limited editions or singular pieces. Pricing is available on request. Exhibitions and commissions are available for 2023/2024.