Edge of Revelation

Introducing a series of floral art cards from Keron Psillas Oliveira. Keron’s sense of design in form, color, and balance is on full display in these delicate, feminine photographs. Each one a small garden on their own, with blossoms nodding or bending toward another, we feel the communication, the hope, the promise of blossoming rebirth. The gallery of floating, delightfully icy blossoms expands each week as the creation continues.

Keron uses a 42 megapixel camera with a terrific macro lens to realize every bit of texture and color in her compositions. But it all begins with choosing each flower, each leaf, arranging them in a shallow frozen container, and then slowly building up the ice, layer upon layer, until all the blossoms are held in just the right shapes. It takes about 24 hours to get just the right thickness, frost, and bubbles. Then the images can be made…unless the ice cracks ‘badly’, then it is back to the drawing board!

 Cards are available in panoramic, square, and horizontal and vertical rectangle formats. The images are also available as fine art limited edition prints in various sizes.