Limited Edition of Lusitano: noble, courageous, eternal


◆ Limited edition of one hundred signed and numbered hardbound copies housed in a custom clamshell case with an original signed and numbered archival print held in a custom cloth folio. Choose from one of the dozen prints seen here.

◆ A visual story of the Lusitano horse adeptly told through the lens of Keron Psillas Oliveira … of meeting, photographing, and ultimately living in the land of her beloved Lusitano horse.

◆ Includes four essays—one at each chapter beginning—and an index of images providing the names of all the horses, riders if depicted, and the date and location the photographs were made.

◆ 69 images in a 96-page hardbound, 12 × 11½ in. landscape format

◆ Beautifully printed on NPI Matte Art Paper in full color throughout

◆ Accompanying text from notables in the equine world: Keron Psillas Oliveira, Dominique Barbier, Lady Sylvia Loch and Martha Cook

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