Offer your light.

Offer your light.

This is a season to reflect upon the Light that has been offered to us all. All faiths, all paths, through all time. As I have come to understand it, the only appropriate response, in gratitude, is to offer your own light to others.

My photographs create a way for me to express my gratitude for all the guidance and inspiration that I have been given and then pass along my experience to those who are interested. The amazing thing is this: in the act of creativity I am blessed layer upon layer.

I experience the moment of inspiration (a divine spark) and then get to prolong that experience by discovering more layers in what I’m seeing/feeling. This experience grows exponentially when I can share it with others. I am always amazed (and continually grateful) that people write to me to talk about the photos and the inspiration or insight that they have received. This gives me the opportunity to speak about the guides, teachers and mentors that I have in my life.

They share their light, unceasing. And it is glorious.

Honor and share your own. It is just as glorious.