I never liked chickens as a child. I thought they were slightly scary. Probably because I considered them unpredictable. But as a photographer, I have grown to love them! I’m sharing a few chicken pix (and other critters) with my readers and asking you to think of them in a new, non-scary way: think of them as hope and opportunity.

And who doesn’t think a lamb is a very cute thing? But do we think of lambs as a meal (yikes) or as a way to a better life for a family because of the gift of its wool and progeny?  The lambs, the cows, the burros, the bunnies….all are potential symbols of hope. Only you and I can turn that potential into action.

A number of years ago I was introduced to the good work that is being done by Heifer International. I’ve encouraged friends and family members through the years to consider them during this season of giving. There is so much need in the world, amongst so much excess. Something as small as a flock of chicks can bring hope, nutrition, and stability to a family where there was little or none before. So…..click the link!