I have been too long away from my blog and as the days and weeks passed, returning to it seemed an enormous challenge. But today is the day! I try to be mindful of the spirit of gratitude every day, but in browsing the photos that I wanted to share I was strongly reminded of the gratitude I feel for the earth we inhabit. It is full of wonders. They are just waiting to be noticed and appreciated. I think all living organisms share this trait. Often the touch of mankind disturbs this beauty, but if we are gentle, we can exist in harmony within the landscape and exhalation of our earth. So today I will inhale the beauty and strength that we are offered and exhale gratitude.

For my photographer buddies, most of these images were taken with an AWESOME Zeiss Distagon 2.8 21mm hunk of glass.  I am still coming to grips with it, but I’m loving the challenge. Thank you, Mark Muse (Super talented photog and total gear geek) for showing me the beauty of this lens.