I have had a great experience this week! I’ve been preparing for and then attended my show at The Bridge Gallery in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. As with any big endeavor there are usually a number of people involved. I have much to be thankful for and I’ll begin with Mark Muse. ¬†As I am just returning from a fabulous six weeks in Portugal, I asked Mark to help me by making the prints. He is an extraordinary photographer and a masterful printer. See the images below for how he was able to make my photographs sing! Then go and check out his work for a master class in restraint and subtlety! ¬†Kathryn Burns, gallerist and proprietor of The Bridge Gallery was sensitive, patient and encouraging the entire time. Kathryn, THANK YOU for making a dream come true.

Having a show at The Bridge Gallery was a ‘big deal’ to me as I have attended numerous shows there for artists I revere and who have inspired me for many years. Jim Kline, Michael Davis, Mark Muse, Tico Herrara, Hali Taylor, Frank Robbins, Rip Smith, Benita Keller, and Charlie Shobe are just a few of the names that come to mind. I’ve had wonderful teachers and artists to emulate for a very long time. This community has given much to its artists and art-lovers and they turned out again in force last night! Hundreds of folks enjoyed the show on a perfect spring evening, which was great as many had to wait outside before there was space to come in.

The best thing for me about the show? Listening to people describe their reaction to the work and the thoughts and feelings it evoked. I’ve often said that when I make a successful photograph I am blessed three times. First, the experience of seeing it creates a thrill. Second, the confirmation that the image is good (technically) aside from the emotion of making it, gives a feeling of satisfaction and affirmation. Third, when a photograph elicits a response from a viewer (and I am lucky enough to know about it) the understanding and communication that arises is a very special moment for me. Humbly, I had many of those moments last night. The joy I am feeling will keep me going, keep me seeking refined and subtle imagery for a very long time. Thank you to all of the people that took a moment to speak and share with me last night.

The show is up until May 5th. I hope you’ll stop by if you are in the area. And as an extra special treat, you’ll see the lovely work of Isabelle Truchon! Her oils and assemblages are uplifting and engaging.

Here are some wall images from The Bridge Gallery. Thanks for checking the blog! I know it’s been far too long between posts.