Keron Psillas

Keron Psillas


Keron Psillas Oliveira is a photographer, writer, instructor and mentor, with an extensive background in the print and publishing industry. Raised in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, where after nearly two decades in the printing and publishing industry, Keron became a professional photographer in 2006.

Keron teaches week-long photography courses, equine photo workshops, and maintains a robust mentoring program for students in the US and abroad. She is the former director of the Art Wolfe Digital Photography Center. Keron is a longtime assistant to and continues to teach with photographic legends Sam Abell and Arthur Meyerson. She co-leads photography tours in Europe and other locations with Charlie Waite, Arthur Meyerson, Strabo Tours, and other professionals. She creates and leads private tours (groups of 2-6) in Great Britain, Europe, Eastern Europe and South America.

Her published works include the highly acclaimed Forty Years Later, Meditation for Two, The Alchemy of Lightness, and Dressage for the New Age, with long-time collaborator Dominique Barbier. She self-published Four Days in Havana and Loss and Beauty; creating solace in a land of infinite sorrow.

Loss and Beauty; creating solace in a land of infinite sorrow, puts composites of her original photographs in conversation to illuminate the personal journeys of victims of the unspeakable horror that was the Holocaust. Having dedicated five years to completing the first part of Loss and Beauty, Keron is now fully engaged in the next phase of the project. Beginning in April of 2019, she traveled further into Eastern Europe to create images and essays that depict the plight of the inhabitants there from 1939-1942. This time period has become known as The Holocaust by Bullets. As always, she seeks to create solace in the face of darkness and sorrow.

Loss and Beauty won the prestigious Best of Show award for Photobook 2015. It was recognized by Karen Davis and Paula Tognarelli of Davis Orton Gallery and The Griffin Museum of Photography, respectively, as an exemplary photo essay and a finely crafted book. In 2019, Loss and Beauty received two Honorable Mentions in the International Photography Awards for fine art book and self-published book.. Keron has confirmation now that the full exhibition will be shown internationally, beginning Spring of 2022.

Keron released Cavalo Lusitano: The Spirit Within, in November of 2018 from Veritas Editions. It has already garnered important awards, including being an Rfoto Folio Selection for 2019. This hand-crafted, fine art, museum book and portfolio includes work gleaned from 12 years of photographing the Lusitano horses in Portugal, Brasil, and the United States. Renowned for producing work of exquisite detail and quality, Veritas brings to Cavalo Lusitano the collaborative vision and skill of Marquand Editions’ Tieton Press to express the nobility of the Lusitano. Veritas is collaborating with master printer Stan Klimek to bring the fullness of Keron’s images to the limited edition, platinum/palladium prints included in this masterpiece. Handmade papers, a custom walnut case, and letter-press printing complete the vision for Cavalo Lusitano: The Spirit Within.

Concurrent with Cavalo Lusitano: The Spirit Within, Keron released a trade edition of her work titled: Lusitano: noble, courageous, eternal. This 96 page full-color edition is bold and seductive. The luscious color and her trademark sensitivity to light will pull you into not only the world of the Lusitano, but into a world that speaks of still mornings, natural rhythms and centuries of rich tradition. The photographer’s love of beauty, form, and nuance is illustrated on every page. Four essays, an introduction and foreword accompany 69 photographs. Lusitano received the Bronze Award in Publishing in 2019 from the prestigious IPPY awards.

Keron makes her home in the Ribatejo region of Portugal among her beloved Lusitano horses.

Keron Psillas

Robert H Clark


Robert H Clark is a fine art nature and landscape photographer. Born in North Carolina, he is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Georgia Institute of Technology. His love for photography began with his first camera, a Yashica Rangefinder, a present from his parents while in the 8th grade. A graphic designer, architect, landscape photographer, workshop leader and teacher, he works as a media designer, photographer, and manager for the National Park Service. 

Though the primary focus of his work is landscape, Robert is an accomplished architectural photographer and loves to explore the relationships between the built environment and the landscape. 

He is a workshop leader and guide and has photographed many iconic and less traveled locations from the American west to Iceland. He has had several one-man shows and his work can be found in private collections, interpretive exhibits and publications for the National Park Service, museums, galleries, and internationally for corporate clients. He has published articles on photography and the photographic process in Fuji X Passion Magazine, Fuji Love Magazine, and Medium Format Magazine.

Robert’s view of the landscape and how to photograph it has been tempered and inspired by many people. It was the iconic images of Ansel Adams that set the early stage for a life chasing light in the American landscape. His view of the landscape is big, wide, and expansive and he loves to work with the subtle light of early morning and late evening.

For him there is great challenge, and often great pleasure,  in experiencing that moment when a landscape reveals something of itself that no other photographer has managed to see or capture. Robert’s goal is to continue to improve his craft – from image capture to the creation of a fine art print. It is a journey, like the vast landscapes he loves, that is endless. 

Robert makes his home in the beautiful and rural landscapes of West Virginia.

Robert’s work can be found on his website at www.roberthclarkphotography, and Instagram at @rhclphoto

Mark Muse


I use the camera to explore. It is a reason to go to special places, a way to be immersed, a way to look carefully. I want the landscape and the way the light spills over it; the smells of the local foliage, and soil, and streams; the sounds of the wildlife, and the wind in the spruce… I want to bathe in this, like the warmth of the sun, to cleanse my spirit, to infuse my being. Acquiring some special images along the way is a bonus.

I work largely in the tradition of “straight” photography. I am not intellectual about what I do – my approach is completely intuitive, and not the least bit conceptual.

In post processing I am mostly concerned with how the image is presented and what it suggests, not so much with objective image content. While I often work the files heavily to get the presentation I want, I do not create or significantly alter image content. The most extreme situations are perhaps a panorama or other assemblage, where I stitch a number of frames together to make a single large and seam-less image; to perhaps remove some trash from within the frame; or, rarely, to combine multiple images into one.

The creative experience does not end with my making the print. You, the viewer, will bring your own experiences, sensitivities, receptivity, and subconscious to these images. I create the context, you create the story that occurs within that context. It is your story. Think of listening to music. It is the same.

I graduated from Ohio University in 1973 with a BFA in photography. The requirements of a young family and a developing career meant putting aside the camera for years. But the career that developed was in commercial printing and publishing, which kept me in direct contact with images in various ways, photo-mechanically and then digitally.

In 2003 I resumed making my own images. I have since participated in numerous regional group exhibits, two person, and solo exhibits. My work has been acquired for many personal and institutional collections, and has been published nationally and internationally. I live near Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

Keron Psillas

Charlie Waite


Charlie Waite is firmly established as one of the world’s leading landscape photographers. His photographic style is often considered to be unique, in that his photographs convey an al most spiritual quality of serenity and calm. Waite’s photographs are held in private and corporate collections throughout the world and he has held numerous solo exhibitions at prestigious venues in the UK, Japan, and the USA.

 With over thirty books to his name, Waite’s distinctive images are recognized around the world and his work has received wide critical acclaim over many years. A recent article in the Royal West of England Academy of art Magazine featuring Waite’s work commented, ‘Waite’s landscapes are rare perfections of light, color and composition, and offer the viewer a luxuriant portrait of a planet at peace’. 

In 2000, Waite was awarded the prestigious honorary fellowship to the British Institute of Professional Photographers. He is also a sought after writer, public speaker, television presenter, and has featured in numerous photographic and broadsheet publications, DVD’s and television programs on photography. 

 Through his teaching and touring company, Light & Land, he continues to encourage lovers of photography to seek the enormous enrichment that can be found by engaging with the landscape, with the camera acting as a conduit and a device to express the individual’s response to their world around them. Waite particularly enjoys working with younger people as their uncluttered view of the world can bring some remarkable imagery. 

Charlie Waite is also the founder of the UK’s incredibly popular Landscape Photographer of the Year, now in its 13th year.

Charles Needle

Charles Needle


Charles Needle is an award-winning, Colorado-based fine art photographer, author, speaker and workshop leader with a unique eye for design and artistic interpretation. His popular “Art of Nature” creative macro workshops have attracted students nationwide.

In 2018, Charles earned an honorable mention in the Macro category of the 8th Annual International Mobile Photography Awards Contest. He was also a semi-finalist in the 2014 Nature’s Best Photography Winland Smith Rice International Awards photo contest. In 2011, Charles was selected as a finalist, among 15,000 entries worldwide, in the International Garden Photographer of the Year photography contest, sponsored by The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (London, England). This exhibition traveled throughout the United Kingdom.

A popular conference and camera club speaker for more than two decades, Charles has authored three cutting-edge instructional books: Tiny Worlds: Creative Macro Photography Skills (Amherst Media, January 2015), Impressionistic Photography: A Field Guide to Using Your Camera as a Paintbrush (March 2014), and Creative Macro Photography: Professional Tips & Techniques (2011).

An accomplished speaker, photography juror and teacher with international workshops in Monet’s Garden (Giverny, France for 20 years in a row, with exclusive private access), Keukenhof Gardens (Holland) and The Butchart Gardens (Canada), Charles is a FujiFilm USA Talent Team member and North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) Showcase Award winner nine years in a row.

Charles’ photographs have selected for publication in Nature’s Best, Outdoor Photographer magazine, Nature Photographer magazine, Inner Reflections Engagement Calendar, The Chicago Tribune, SELF Magazine and are in private and public collections nationwide and abroad.

To learn more about Charles’ work, including his workshop and private lesson offerings, visit

Elizabeth Opalenik

Elizabeth Opalenik


I left home in 1969 to the sound of peace marches and my mother saying, “I knew you were different from the time you were two.” From the farm in westen Pennsylvania to the shores of Connecticut, I slowly started to evolve as an artist from former lives managing the accounting department for Continental Oil Company, managing jazz clubs and as “A MS-Placed Lady” in my construction/design company. In 1979, after a two week photographic workshop in Maine, I sold everything and never looked back.

I am a photographic artist, educator and freelance photographer traveling the world with my camera and I love it. Philanthropic projects keep me grounded and connected universally.

I believe that all good photographs are self portraits and know that my many former lives manifest themselves in my images. My heart is still in my darkroom working in the Mordançage process, but I use today’s technology when appropriate to explore all the creative paths.

My first monograph, “Poetic Grace: Elizbeth Opalenik Photographs 1979-2007” is available by emailing me. My photographs are collected and published internationally and all work is for sale. Mordançage images are unique, others are silver gelatin, platinum, handpainted or digitally printed in very limited editions on beautiful handmade papers. Prices range from $500 to $3500. Please inquire or contact the galleries that represent me.