Southeast Passage, Alaska

Traveling the Southeast Passage of Alaska by boat was a privilege unlike any other. To be surrounded by the grandeur and majesty of this land/seascape was totally enthralling. I am not a wildlife photographer, but with the abundance and proximity of these mammals and birds, I did the best I could!

The landscape is in nearly constant motion. Imagine, the Tongass Forest is several hundred years old. Just several hundred! In the mid-1700’s the entire area was covered by glaciers more than 1,000 feet thick. Now, there are pines and bogs and bears and moss, and quickly receding glaciers.

I had ten days packed with thrills. But the greatest may have been my flight over the glaciers and up the inlets to accompany the videographer for Travels to the Edge. What a privilege it was for me to watch the calvingĀ glaciers, count seal pups in John Muir inlet, and see a days-old mountain goat kid scale vertical cliffs. Finally, Mt. Fairweather appeared as we spiraled through thin cloud layers between immense walls of stone. All I could think was “Behold”!