When I began to photograph with the intent to become a ‘Capital P’ Photographer, I was most often making images as I was traveling. Whether leading tours or traveling for work, I was photographing opportunistically. In other words, I was making images of what interested me.

I’ve included all the places I visited during those early years to show the progression of subject-based photography to more concept driven imagery. This is not to say that a subject-based photograph can not be a good image. Quite the contrary. But I am most interested now in evoking a feeling with my photographs and am now more likely to be engaged in creating images with layers of meaning and perhaps some mystery.

There are hints in the early travels of the photographer I would become. It all began in Maine, in October of 2005.

Have a look in the galleries in the menu to the left. Travel with me for a bit. I thank you for your time.  ~ Keron