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Meditation for Two, with Dominique Barbier. This widely acclaimed book features poems and photos by Keron Psillas, with an extensive essay by Dominique Barbier on the relationship between our equine partners and ourselves. It is a soulful book, appropriate for anyone interested in the meaning of consciousness and how we craft our lives. “Meditation for Two begs to be given as a gift or to be enjoyed in a quiet moment in your favorite sun-splashed nook.” ~USDF Connection, July/August 2012                     Hardbound, 72 pages


Four Days in Havana

Four Days in Havana, Keron Psillas. Recounting my trip to Cuba in November 2014, three photo essays offer an intimate portrait of a vibrant but suffering land. Famed photographer Eric Meola said “What’s there to say when the student outdoes the teacher? …wonderfully photographed, simply sublime.”
Softbound, 80 pages, 66 images



Prints of any of my images are available in two sizes, in limited editions of 25. Prices vary depending on the number of the edition. For example, 1 of 25 is a lower price than number 25 of 25. My photographs are optimized and printed by a Master Printer, Mr. Mark Muse. They are printed on fine art archival papers and matted with white 8-ply museum quality mats, and then shipped flat.

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Alchemy of Lightness

The Alchemy of Lightness, Dominique Barbier & Maria Katsamanis. The latest book from French Classical Dressage Master, Dominique Barbier. The link between contemporary scientific inquiry into molecular change and what happens to us in relationship with our equine partners is explored in this ground-breaking book. “Stunning imagery, sensitively realized” is just one of the fabulous reviews for this volume. Hardbound, 160 pages, 30 photographs


Barbier Dressage Training Companion, with Dominique Barbier. The Barbier Dressage Training Companion captures and distills Dominique Barbier’s 45 plus years as a rider, international trainer and instructor. This slender book covers all aspects of dressage — including attitude, equipment, longeing and work in hand, the three gaits, lateral work, pirouettes, collection, and more. In each of these areas, Barbier provides concise instructions and pointers about what to do and what to avoid.

This award-winning book’s waterproof cover, text and binding make this training guide by French old-world master Dominique Barbier suitable for reading not just at home but also for bringing to the barn. Available in English, German, spiral bound, 50 pages, illustrations throughout


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