The Luxury of Longing

I’ll be adding images here that will be included with some writing I’ve been developing.

“….it gives me confidence and pushes me toward ‘the road’. More and more I feel the road winding toward writing my truth. I’ll photograph, too. And layer it together, as we are all layers of experience, desire, fear, and for the lucky ones, love.” ~KP, 2015

Update: And now, after a tragedy in December of 2016, I am being asked to discover a new layer of meaning in “the luxury of longing”. I found a little more strength in this voice while visiting Scotland in April. I’ve been waiting for a few years for a return visit there…and the images and writing are flowing. Stay tuned to this page for a more cohesive look at this project. For now, an image that ignited the prose:

Last moments when the sun broke through near Duisdale.









Dreaming on the magical isle


From a rainy day in Porto

Another from a rainy day in Porto

Another from a rainy day in Porto

Mumma Farm Cemetery and Barn, Antietam

Mumma Farm, Antietam, Bloody Sunrise

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