Loss and Beauty

“Loss and Beauty is a literary work of photography based on Holocaust survivor’s diaries. But it is also a uniquely involving visual experience, one that uses masterfully merged photographs to draw one in, establish and hold a mood and ultimately tell a story. Importantly, the work also asks each viewer a searching and timeless question: Can profound loss by addressed by beauty?  Keron Psillas’ answer, in her deeply realized book and exhibit, is yes.”
– Sam Abell

LATEST NEWS!!!  Loss and Beauty (the book that accompanies the exhibition) has just been awarded BEST OF SHOW in the prestigious Davis Orton Gallery/Griffin Museum of Photography Photobook 2015! Thank you Karen Davis and Paula Tognarelli for this tremendous honor!

Click here to visit the site for my current project: http://www.lossandbeauty.com

Watch the Creation and Affirmation – The experience of making Loss and Beauty.

Here are just a few images that represent the project.

You can also read more about Loss and Beauty on Rfotofolio.

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