Join me in the creative conversation!

Keron Psillas Oliveira




Charlie Waite and Keron Psillas

The ‘third half’ of his marvelous presentation, featuring new work! And Keron will jump in at the end with final thoughts about composition. 



The Creative Conversation is a Zoom session, beginning 1 pm Eastern on the scheduled days. You will receive the link for the meeting by 8 am on the day of the session. 



December 18Charlie Waite and Keron Psillas with the end of his incredible presentation, and a recap and end of the conversation on composition from Keron


January 8, pending…A brand new project from Keron! .

TBD, Mark Muse and Robert Clark return with demonstrations of their particular workflow. Time to watch and learn! Mark and Bob each have a spectacularly refined approach to image-editing, built on decades of experience from all sides of what it takes to optimize an image for viewing and for print. This is a ‘not to be missed’ session if you want to improve your understanding of the vision to print continuum.


 Arthur Meyerson will join the Creative Conversation to discuss his mastery of color, light, and the moment. His Color of Light workshop is a must-do…join us to whet your appetite!


 Sam Abell will bring his philosophy of the poetic image to the Creative Conversation. I’ve assisted Sam and taught with him for 14 years. Join us to see and hear why this conversation is so compelling.


 Craig Alan Huber and Jim Fitzgerald will join Keron to talk about alternative process and creating the fine press book. This will be fascinating stuff for those interested in producing your own masterpiece!


  Interview with Bob Newman, winner, IPA Photo of the Year, speaking on Depth in Portraiture and pursuing the long-term project.


  Other Photographers being scheduled (and many more) include: 

Kate Breakey 

Robert Clark 

Mark Muse  

Nevada Weir


Past Presenters:

Honey Lazar

Catherine Karnow

Elizabeth Opalenik

Charlie Waite

Tony Sweet 

Charles Needle

Robert Clark

Mark Muse

Sam Gregory