Join me in the creative conversation!


May 22, 2020 – 1:00 pm, EDT

What is a long-term project and what can it mean to your everyday photography? Second of two parts: how to promote, exhibit, publish your project. Round-table discussion afterward with several other photographers of all levels. Special guest TBA this week! 



 JUNE 12 Charles Needle will bring his impressionistic spirit and creative mastery. Charles will share tips, techniques, and what inspires him. Join us for an explosion of color and FUN and travel to some wondrous gardens!  


 JUNE 26, The beauty and artistry from Elizabeth Opalenik will be on full display. Listen and then talk with Elizabeth as she describes her life in photography, her gravitation to evocative portraiture of women and her incredible alternative processes. We’ll learn about Mordançage and carbon printing…and enjoy the timeless beauty of Elizabeth’s work.


 JULY 10 A three-way conversation with Mark Muse, Robert H. Clark, and Keron about refining your vision, refining the print, and the value of photographing the same place for years and years.  


 Charlie Waite will join the webinar and share his vast experience, some favorite images, and why he thinks Landscape Photography in particular is an important calling.


Arthur Meyerson will join the Creative Conversation to discuss his mastery of color, light, and the moment. His Color of Light workshop is a must-do…join us to whet your appetite!

   Catherine Karnow will join Keron to talk about creating the meaningful travel photo and the value of returning to a place again and again to create depth in your work.  


Sam Abell will bring his philosophy of the poetic image to the Creative Conversation. I’ve assisted Sam and taught with him for 14 years. Join us to see and hear why this conversation is so compelling. 


 Craig Alan Huber and Jim Fitzgerald will join Keron to talk about alternative process and creating the fine press book. This will be fascinating stuff for those interested in producing your own masterpiece!


Tony Sweet, with his creative eye and deft use of alternative processing will share his work with us. Joining Tony will be Sue Milestone, his wife and partner, and a tremendous photographer and educator. We’ll dive into seeing on all levels, macro, intimate landscape, and the grand landscape. Tony and Sue have been teaching and traveling the US and beyond, in search of stunning imagery for more than 30 years. Tony’s books, seminars, and workshops are “not to be missed”. 


Interview with Bob Newman, winner, IPA Photo of the Year, speaking on Depth in Portraiture and pursuing the long-term project 

Honey Lazar will join The Creative Conversation and speak with us about several bodies of work, including Loving Aunt Ruth, They Come and They Go, and The Year My Sisters Died. We’ll also hear from Honey about attending photo reviews and meeting other great photographers and how sustaining that can be. I can’t wait for this hour!