Finding, Following, Creating Book Library


Presale! A 10 book set of hand-made books with a debossed covers presented in an accordion style with 10 tipped-in prints. Each print includes an essay tipped on the back side in a matching debossed sleeve. Includes a separate matted print in a custom envelope.



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“An enormous thank you to my friend, Keron Psillas Oliveira! She has captured another dimension of the Lusitano through her lens, seeing with the soul. Keon has shown the pure joy in movement that the Lusitano offers to us, as they move our consciousness forever.”
— Dominique Barbier, French Classical Dressage Master, acclaimed author of Dressage for the New Age and The Alchemy of Lightness

“International photographer, author, and horsewoman, Keron Psillas Oliveira has a new book and, wow, it is a stunning tour de force! I’m not exaggerating. Her photographs of the Lusitano horse are dazzlingly rich with texture and light I’ve not seen before. What a treat it is to see the breed through her travels and let the photographs wash over you. This book is a must-have for horse lovers everywhere.”
— Patty Lasko, former editor, Dressage Today