Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island has become another place I can call home. How wonderful is that? I spend a lot of time on airplanes, but when the destination is as enveloping and comforting as ‘coming home’, it takes away the sting of air travel.

I’ve had the privilege to assist and teach at the Pacific Northwest Art School since 2007. I continue to assist Arthur Meyerson and teach with Sam Abell. It’s the highlight of my year to be able to listen and hopefully, ‘see things new’. This is from Ernst Haas’ quote…”I am not interested to see new things, I am interested to see things new”.

When you photograph where you live or photograph a place you visit often, the discipline of seeing things new is essential. With this thought in mind and in my heart, I go out to seek images with enthusiasm! And if there’s fog? Even better!

I hope you’ll join me in a class one day. But even more, I hope you’ll be able to take in the peace and beauty that exists on Whidbey Island. Have a look at the latest course offerings at the school:  http://pacificnorthwestartschool.org

As always, deepest gratitude for the warmth and care that school Director, Lisa Bernhardt, offers to all!


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