Czech Republic

I’ve been traveling to the Czech Republic for six years, intermittently, to work on my project Loss and Beauty. The images in this gallery are not part of that body of work, but were all made with the same thinking: make the best available photograph.

Walking and looking. And feeling. This is what I do when I am searching for images. Subject is less important to me than impression.

During a trip I lead to Prague and Istanbul in June of 2015, I was able to take the group to Terezin for a deeply moving experience. We were led by my friend Lukas Lev, as one of the first groups of westerners to visit an attic in Terezin, up into the top of his apartment. He had discovered, some months earlier, a trove of drawings, poems, and messages. His work continues to bring to light the many treasures that remain hidden in this town. This is a perfect example of the experience that I try to offer during all my trips.


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